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17/10/2011 20:33




Welcome to the Harrods Style Guide for selling
employees. This concise guide has been designed COnTEnTS
to help you to look and feel the business when
it comes to your working wardrobe; all it takes is 4 one dress three looks
how to build on a basic piece
careful planning to see you stylishly through your
working week. As an employee of one of the most
famous and luxurious stores in the world, looking 6 ten Ways to look good and stay
healthy Beauty and feel-good tips for the
your best every day is of the upmost importance
working woman
and will also give you the confidence and authority
to assist customers.
In One dress three looks I show you how to create 8 It’s a Man’s World From the perfectly
fitting suit to wardrobe maintenance
three looks from the same piece and how to wear
smart flat shoes with style.
Personal grooming is key to pulling off the perfect 10 st yle tIPs looking good and feeling sharp
‘at work’ look, so in Ten ways to look good and stay
healthy I give the girls a few essential beauty and feelgood tips to master the challenges of the week.
Not forgetting the gentlemen, in It’s a man’s world I take a closer
look at how a suit should really fit and discuss tips for pulling off the
perfect work look. I also reveal the ultimate wardrobe-maintenance kit
for men.
Jo Glynn-Smith
Harper’s Bazaar



17/10/2011 20:33

3 looks
good basic pieces can be the linchpin in any woman’s
wardrobe, but it’s not always easy to find those little gems.
here are three ways to wear the perfect black dress


Look 1 Here, the leather belt
and heels add more glamour to the
look, paired with slightly stronger
make-up and the all-important red
lip, which finishes it off.




LOOk 2 This minimal look is
chic and confident. Shoes are flat
but smart and structured – and
the nude tights look as if they are
barely there. Grooming is simple
and incredibly elegant.
Look 3 For a more tailored style,
wear a fitted jacket over the dress
and belt it. opaque tights and heels
complete the look. Hair up in a
ponytail adds to this smart outfit.


Editor’s TIpS:
• Black fabrics vary according to the cloth.
Buy suits, dresses and trousers that
match – they will look smarter.
• Buy the best size for your shape –
so just ignore size labels and go by
how a piece fits.
• Skirts always look better at knee
length for work.
• Wide-leg trousers should be hemmed
according to the shoes you are going to
wear with them; keep them long for a
slimmer bodyline.
• Make sure jackets and trousers fit
across your bottom – stretching fabrics
make you look larger. If needs be, buy
a larger size and alter down, it’s
worth investing in fit.
• Have several pairs of work shoes.
This way, you can vary your look just
by alternating between your footwear.
smart, flat shoes can be just as elegant as
heels when worn with the right outfit.


• Organise your wardrobe; keep it tidy,
and get rid of pieces that are worn out
or don’t fit you.
• Dry clean suits and jackets often,
repair hems and replace buttons; elbows
start to sag and shine when the garment
isn’t well maintained.
• Keep shoes clean and try shoe trees. Always
repair shoes when they start to wear, there’s
nothing worse than clicking heels.



17/10/2011 20:33


to look
and stay




Feeling polished and presentable helps you feel on
top of things and ready to tackle the day. Here are
10 top tips for feeling and looking good at work
1 MAke-uP Professional make-up should be elegant and understated.
Heavy eyelashes, metallic eye shadow and too much fake tan should
be avoided at all costs. red lipstick can really lift your mood, but keep
eye make-up light to avoid looking too vampish.
2 SkIN Working in an air-conditioned environment can play havoc
with your skin. Drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables
daily, avoid smoking and try to get some fresh air at least once a day.
Exercise is proven to improve skin tone and lucidity.
3 HAIr Whether you wear your hair up or down, make sure it is
clean and shiny. Blow dry it if at all possible and allow yourself time
in the mornings for grooming. don’t wash it and tie it back, you’re
not in the gym.

4 COLOUR If you colour your hair, make sure it suits your skin
tone and always maintain it – faded colour looks terrible; dry,
bleached hair looks even worse!
5 eYeS If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, take regular
screen breaks and keep eye spray on your desk.
6 HANDS keep your hands germ-free with an
antiseptic gel; this can reduce your risk of getting
seasonal flu. keep hands soft and healthy-looking
with regular scrubs and a good hand cream.

7 NAILS They should look tidy, clean and manicured.
Avoid long nails and chipped nail varnish.
8 LEGS If you are on your feet all day, try a leg
toner. This can help improve lymphatic circulation
and stop that ‘heavy leg’ feeling.

9 JeWeLLerY keep it subtle, simple and chic,
like a diamond stud earring or a small charm bracelet.
Clean your jewellery regularly with a liquid cleaner.

10 MOUTH HYGIENE Be wary of your breath,
especially if you drink a lot of coffee, have eaten
garlic or smoke. Clean, white teeth give such a
healthy impression; so brush and floss as often as
you can and brush your teeth or use mouthwash
after lunch to freshen up your mouth.

17/10/2011 20:34

It’s a



Whether you are an avid follower of fashion or have had the same clothes in
your wardrobe for ten years, it’s worth reminding yourself of the basic rules…

When it comes to suits, how should they fit?
TrouSer HeMS: only a little cloth should drape over your shoes; go for a one-inch
break in the front crease.
SHIrT CuFFS: A quarter to half an inch of shirt cuff should always be visible.
CoLLArS: The collar of your jacket should neither stand away from nor conceal your shirt
collar at the back neck. When fastened, your shirt collar should not cause you to choke!
SHouLderS: No outline of your shoulder should appear in the sleeve (otherwise the
suit is too small), and the sleeve openings should never sag (then the suit is too big).
BuTToNS: There should be no creases or ripples radiating from a fastened button.
If there are, choose a larger size.
JACkeT LeNGTH: The bottom hem should be
level with your knuckles.





17/10/2011 20:34



Follow these simple rules to looking good and feeling sharp
• Shirts should be bright, crisp and well pressed. Throw out old and
soiled shirts or use them to clean windows!
• Keep ties elegant and in colours that suit you; it’s safest to stay with
darker shades.
• Suits should be cleaned often and hung on decent hangers to maintain
their shape. Dirty or shiny suits look terrible and are perceived as a
reflection of your own personal hygiene.
• Shoes should be clean and in good repair. People always notice
your shoes first, so it’s worth remembering to look after them!


What every smart
man should have

• Shoe-cleaning kit
• Clothes brush
• Shoe horn
• Shoe trees
• Good hangers
• Suit bags
• Spare collar stays
• Metal polish to clean
favourite cuff links




17/10/2011 20:34


17/10/2011 20:34

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