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To boost the body’s metabolism while reducing the feelings of
hunger pangs and food cravings. Switch™ Metabolic Enhancer
promotes healthy weight loss by activating the body’s AMPK
pathway through its propriety blend of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Luecine,
Citrulline, and other ingredients.

Positioning Statement
Switch™ Metabolic Enhancer is a stimulant-free supplement
designed to help raise your body’s metabolism to turn fat into
fuel. At the same time the capsules work to lower your appetite,
reducing hunger pangs and food cravings while your body’s
metabolism continues to work at its optimal level. Paired with the
Curb™ Slimming Bar to create the Max Meta-Switch™ Weight Loss
System, this gives you greater control over your food choices and
keeps your body running healthy and clean.

General Description
The Problem with Weight Loss
Many attempts at losing weight are unsuccessful because they are
too restrictive in limiting your diet and do not adequately address
hunger cravings. Other weight loss systems rely on gimmicky
stimulants that make your body work harder, but not better.
Fad diets, calorie counting programs, and meal replacements often
leave dieters feeling too hungry, with too many cravings, and are too
restrictive on what can be eaten. Though these diets can produce
some immediate results, they are hard to sustain because the
frustration and temptation often become overwhelming and many
dieters return to their former eating habits. A lack of calories can
also make people tired, sooner reducing their ability to exercise.
When they do return to their old habits, many find that they not only
regain their weight, they actually add more.
Diet pills often work by providing caffeine or other stimulants in
an effort to spur activity and get your body working harder. This
can give people the “jitters” or make them feel “wired” - feelings
of nervousness and over-exertion, often followed by a crash of
exhaustion. Not only are these pills inefficient, they run the risk of
increasing your blood pressure and can even increase your risk for
heart attack and stroke.
The ability to lose weight lies in having the power to change your
eating habits and getting your body to work at its optimal, healthy

Master Your Metabolism
Switch’s core ingredient, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a powerful
antioxidant that helps promote a healthy metabolism. Unlike most
antioxidants, ALA is both fat and water soluble, which enables it to
effectively penetrate every part of the cell. This ability allows ALA
to better stimulate your metabolic “master switch” that responds
to how much energy is available to your cells. This master switch,
known as “AMPK” (adenosine-monophosphate-activated protein
kinase) is a protein based enzyme that regulates cellular energy,
metabolism and even glutathione levels.

Acting as a fuel sensor for every cell in the body, AMPK turns on
energy producing pathways and cranks up metabolism. It can also
reduce fat accumulation in the blood and other parts of the body
and can improve insulin sensitivity.
Max International’s Switch™ Metabolic Enhancer is designed to turn
on AMPK in many areas of the body to increase metabolism and
burn more fuel while simultaneously keeping AMPK in the brain low
to maintain a feeling of fullness and reduced need for food intake.
Best of all, AMPK also impacts a variety of hormones in the body
that impact food intake, helping to keep our minds and bodies
working together to lose the weight.

Supporting Energy, Exercise and Recovery
Switch Metabolic Enhancer capsules are designed with a
proprietary blend of ingredients that effectively support the body
while it loses weight. This blend breaks down carbohydrates for
more energy production, stimulates muscle protein synthesis,
supplements essential vitamins lost while dieting, and removes
harmful toxins and waste products released from fat during the
weight loss process.
The process of weight loss can cause muscle loss and feelings of
fatigue, which makes losing weight even harder. To counter these
effects, Switch contains both Leucine and Citrulline to keep your
body operating at its most efficient level.
Leucine is a powerful branched chain amino acid (BCAA) that helps
stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis.1 Essentially, when
your body is Leucine deficient it is signaled that there is insufficient
protein available for protein synthesis, which shuts down the muscle
building activity our bodies need to support healthy weight loss.2
And because muscle burns three times as many calories as fat per
pound, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.
Switch also has the powerful amino acid Citrulline to help keep your
energy levels up and to counteract the negative effects of exercise.
Citrulline works by assisting ATP production in the body and helping
to increase post exercise Creatine levels in the muscle, which gives
you more sustained energy and endurance.3 By helping to eliminate
metabolic pollutants like Lactic Acid and Ammonia, Cirtulline also
ensures you’ll recover more quickly and stay on track with your
exercise goals.

A System Like No Other
To maximize its effectiveness, Switch™ is designed to work
synergistically with Max’s Curb™ Slimming Bar. The ideal mix of
soluble and insoluble fiber in the Curb Slimming Bar gives a better
feeling of “fullness” while keeping the digestive system regular. This
helps provide much of your recommended daily fiber intake, giving
Norton, L.E. and Layman, D.K. Leucine Regulates Translation Initiation of Protein Sythesis in
Skeletal Muscle after Exercise in The Journal of Nutrition.
Gran, P. and Cameron-Smith, D. The actions of exogenous leucine on mTOR signaling and
amino acid transporters in human myotubes in BMC Physiology
Perez-Guisado, J. and Jakeman PM. Citrulline malate enhances athletic anaerobic
performance and relieves muscle soreness PubMed


a source of healthy carbohydrates to keep the heart, liver, and
digestive system clean, healthy and working optimally.
Both of these products make up our Meta-Switch Weight Loss
System, created to be easy and flexible enough to work with any
other weight loss system. Empowering your mind and body in
this way allow you to make the necessary switches in your life to
healthier eating habits and a more active life style to maximize your
weight loss.

Unique Attributes
Switch™ is one of the only metabolic boosters that increases
metabolism without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
Switch does not increase the amount of AMPK in the brain, naturally
reducing hunger pangs and food cravings.

Directions for Use
Take two capsules three times daily, 30 minutes before each meal
with 12 oz. of water.

Guarantee / Warning
This product has been manufactured in the USA in strict
conformance with industry standards. Purity and potency
guaranteed. Store in a cool, dry place not to exceed 30° C (86° F).
Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. This product is for adult
use only. It is not intended for use by young children, pregnant
women, or nursing mothers.

Nutrition Facts

Switch allows for continued protein synthesis and ATP production
during weight loss, giving you energy and endurance while reducing
exhaustion and fatigue.
Switch’s proprietary blend includes the patented ingredient
RiboCeine®, which supports glutathione’s vital role in removing
toxins, reducing cellular inflammation, and neutralizing free radical
Working synergistically with the Curb Slimming Bar, the MetaSwitch Weight Loss system burns food and fat at an optimal rate
while effectively removing food and fuel waste from the body.

Product Benefits
Promotes a more fully-functioning and healthier metabolic system.
Reduces feelings of hunger and food cravings.
Helps reduce pro-inflammatory compounds in the body .
Helps remove toxins and waste created by fat and fuel burning.

Supporting Ingredients
Switch’s main ingredients compromise a proprietary blend
designed to:

1) raise the body’s metabolic activity

Other Ingredients

2) lower the amount of AMPK in the brain to encourage feelings of

Gelatin Capsules, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate,
Silicon Dioxide

fullness and satiation

3) promote the creation of food into fuel
4) maintain muscle and protein levels lost while dieting and
5) increase glutathione levels to reduce cellular inflammation,
remove toxins, and support the body’s immune system.

The proprietary blend is supported by the inclusion of several
additional supplements. These vitamins and minerals (Vitamin D2,
Thiamine,... and Potassium) are found in lower levels in obese
individuals. By normalizing the levels of these essential vitamins,
individuals on diets are able to stay healthy during the weight loss
process and avoid deficiencies that can lead to health problems like
bone loss, kidney stones, and anemia.



Switch program?

How many capsules am I supposed to take in a day?

A – We recommend that you take Max’s other products while using
the Meta-Switch Weight Loss Program. Our products are designed
to work synergistically in promoting a healthier body.

A – We recommend you take a total of 6 Switch™ capsules a day.
Two about 30 minutes before each meal, three meals a day.

Can I snack? Should I take the capsules before I snack?
A – Snacks are definitely allowed in the Meta-Switch System, but

we recommend that you control the amount of snacks you have
during a day. The Meta-Switch program requires that you substitute
a Curb™ Slimming bar for at least one of your snacks in a day.

You do not need to take the Switch capsules prior to a snack,
unless that snack is replacing one of your regular meals for that day.

What if I skip a meal?
A – We do not recommend skipping meals, but if you do happen

to miss one meal take 2 Switch capsules around the time that you
normally would and then after 30 minutes follow with a snack. We
do not recommend taking the capsules without following up with
some food.

After taking the capsules, what if I don’t wait the full 30
minutes before eating?
A – The capsules are at their most effective when they are

absorbed into the bloodstream, which takes approximately 30
minutes. You will still get the benefits of the Switch capsules if you
eat right after you take them, but not at the optimal level.

What if I forget to take my pills, or go off the program for
a few days?
A – The Meta-Switch program is all about giving you a steady,

sustainable diet. It’s important to get your metabolism in a good
rhythm of burning fuel and resting. If you miss a few doses, don’t
compensate by taking extra pills at different parts of the day, just
keep following your regular routine.

I don’t have any water nearby, can I dry-swallow the
A – You should always take Switch capsules with water, at least

at the recommended amount of 12 oz. Water helps the capsules
be digested and absorbed into the blood stream, aids in food
digestion, and removes waste. Drinking water in a consistent
manner is essential to staying healthy and reducing weight.

Does the Meta-Switch™ Weight Loss System work with
other weight loss programs?
A – Yes, Meta-Switch™ is designed to be flexible enough to work
with as many weight loss programs as possible.

Can I take other Max products while using the Meta-

Can I take more than two capsules with my meals?
A – We recommend that you take only two pills before each meal
as the daily adult dosage.

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