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Make popcorn with popper at home .pdf

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Cooking delicious popcorn at home
To at home to make the most delicious popcorn, you need all three components:
white corn.
Amount of ingredients for popcorn comes from your taste and your needs
You can also get a popcorn popper from

Popcorn at home
Pour into a large kettle or pot of oil. Oil should be plenty. This can be any vegetable oil, but it is best
suited rapeseed, since it has a neutral taste and smell.
Once the oil is well warmed up, add a pinch of salt.
If the oil is hot, add a pinch of salt and do not spray.

And add dry corn.
Keep in mind that once you have started the grain, they begin to sizzle and have the ability to "jump"
from the cauldron. To do this, cover the pan.
Once ready to pour the popcorn into another bowl. Add salt to taste. Popcorn can be ready to add a
little grated cheese.
And if you like sweet popcorn, you can sprinkle with sugar and a little cinnamon
Popcorn is corn that explodes under pressure or hot air. Most often they are used in the salt form, but
kids love them sladkom. Prigotovit popcorn at home is not difficult, and, in just 10-15 minutes. I have
said many times already prepared it ... But still always fails to bring it up to standard: it is burnt, it does
not have enough taste ... So I wondered to find the best and delicious cooking secrets of this culinary
miracle :) And they then and there ... Everything is simple and fast,

To your home cooked popcorn was tasty required to comply with the following rules:

First, prepare Enumerated corn. You do not need to take very much at one time, because the popcorn
and so certainly will increase in volume. Then put the pan on the gas, pour a little vegetable oil of good
quality and thither your zerna. For your taste can add salt or sugar. All this procedure must be fast,
because the corn will start to explode. :) ok

Secondly, do not forget to close the lid pan. If they heard the characteristic sounds , gently hold the lid
by hand. The whole process of making popcorn at home takes no more than 2-5 minutes. Open the pan
and ready to boldly peppered corn in a bowl so they cool slightly. And did not disclose just throw corn
kernels, as they already do not you come in handy.

That's the whole process of making it quick and tasty dish.

Add only this that can make popcorn as on a conventional stove and in the microwave

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