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Make money online with facebook .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: Make money online with facebook.pdf
Autor: Jesus Rabanal

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Make money online with facebook

facebook is the number one social networking site with over 400 million active users worldwide.
Let's look at it this way: facebook is a market with over 400 million humans to advertise and sell
products to, which, to be perfectly honest, is every entrepreneur's dream. Here are the top ways to
make cash in this market with little to no experience.

* Change an Existing Game
This is a tried and true method of earning money on facebook. Have you ever wondered why there
are so many clones of Mob Wars? Because the game generates millions of dollars each year from
it's player-base. Developers pick a popular game, give it a face-life and new name and launch it
hoping it'll become an addicting fb sensation. They make cash through selling ad space and from
those who purchase the game's currency or limited edition items.

Websites for instance O-Desk and enable the masses to create fb games
with no experience. If you have a keyboard and the ability to communicate with others, you can
hire coding professionals for very little cash. Some time in the future, It may be you reaping the
benefits of someone purchasing a $ten virtual "mystery box" on a facebook game.

* Create a New Game

You don't have to limit yourself to an old game, but it's a bit risky to develop a totally new one.
Making the game is the difficult part, but you can outsource this to foreigners. By doing this, you
get a quality product for a fraction of the price someone living in North America or Europe would

having fun with, O-Desk or a comparable website geared toward providing
inexpensive outsourcing, anyone can post a project along with their tight budget and talented
developers is able to bid on it.

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