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Make money with facebook .pdf

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Make money with facebook

Marketing yourself on facebook and MySpace is significantly way to get attention and make extra
cash or a full time salary. My gaining friends and getting noticed, you is able to encourage others
to look at your blogs, articles, or maybe sign up as referrals under you. using facebook and
MySpace to gain publicity will help you to increase popularity and spread word of mouth about the
things you've been doing. Here are some ways to market yourself on facebook and MySpace and
make cash. Follow the directions for signing up for Facebook and do the same to sign up for
MySpace. The idea is basically the same except that MySpace allows you to fancy-up your profile
page for added attention if you choose. There are different sites that offer help in adding things to
your profile including a background, contact generator, surveys, and much more. Be sure to add a
picture on MySpace as well to market yourself. See resource list below for more information and
links. Once you've invited friends to facebook and MySpace, tell humans what you're up to. If you
have a blog, articles on eHow or another site, or maybe pay per click ad accounts, put them on fb
and MySpace. Get attention to what you are doing so that people can check it out and help you
make cash. for instance, if you have a blog you want people to visit, put that under the 'what you
are doing' box in facebook and MySpace with a small explanation of what the blog is about. Do the
same for any articles or pay per click accounts you have. Be sure to add referral links so humans
is able to sign up under you. Encourage humans to check out your sites by telling them they can
make cash like you. human beings on facebook and MySpace are usually there to make friends
and reconnect, but many are looking for new opportunities and relationships. Get humans
interested in your sites by sending them private messages or creating bulletins on MySpace and
chatting on Facebook.

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