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RoboCup2012.Newsletter.2012.06.22 .pdf

Nombre del archivo original: RoboCup2012.Newsletter.2012.06.22.pdf
Autor: Luis F Lupian

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RoboCup 2012 Major Leagues Newsletter
Important information for Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th
End of competitions and results
All competition activities in the Major Leagues must
end BEFORE 2:30pm.
Results must be handed out at the Registration Booth
on the lower level of the venue BEFORE 2:30pm for
certificates to be ready for the Awards Ceremony.

Schedule for the finals
Small Size League
Humanoid AdultSize League
Standard Platform League
Humanoid TeenSize League
MiddleSize League
Humanoid KidSize League
Simulation Leagues
Sponsored and Demo Leagues

9:00 – 2:30pm
9:00 – 2:30pm
9:00 – 2:30pm

Access to this area will be through the docking area
on the 1st floor until 4:30pm.
3) For those teams that are NOT using the services of
the official freight forwarder AND will NOT be
attending the banquet, we will have a safe-keeping
area at the Soccer Simulation hall (2nd floor), very
close to the awards and closing ceremony.
The storage area at the Soccer Simulation hall must be
cleared by 7:30pm for teardown to continue in that
hall. All packages stored at the Pepsi Center must be
collected by the time you leave the venue on Saturday.

Certificates of participation
Certificates of participation will be handed out to the
OCs of each league at 3:00pm for distribution to all
participating teams. By instruction of the RoboCup
Federation, certificates must be given exclusively to
those participants that actually attended the

Awards and Closing Ceremony + Exit Logistics
The Awards and Closing Ceremony will take place at the
Junior Dance Stage starting at 5:00pm. Tear down at
the competition areas will start at 4:00pm. In order for
everyone to be able to attend the ceremony we will
provide three options for storage of robots and
1) For those teams that are using the services of the
official freight forwarder for the event (NAIB), they
will start collecting robots and equipment at 12:00
noon. Two collection points will be available: the
service hallway on the 2nd floor and the docking area
on the 1st floor. Collection of robots will conclude at
4:30pm. We strongly encourage everyone to turn in
their packages as early as possible.
2) For those teams that are NOT using the services of
the official freight forwarder AND will be attending
the banquet, we will have a safe-keeping area at the
Pepsi Center (where the banquet will take place).

The banquet will take place at the Pepsi Center
immediately after the Awards and Closing Ceremony
for the Major Leagues. The only entrance to the
banquet will be through the escalators that are right
behind the Junior Dance stage, so we strongly
encourage everyone who will be attending the banquet
to also attend the Awards and Closing Ceremony.

RoboCup Symposium and Workshop on Ed Robotics
The RoboCup Symposium will take place at the HIR
Auditorium located on the 2nd floor of the venue
(where the opening ceremony took place). The
Workshop on Educational Robotics will take place on
the same halls used for the Soccer Simulation Leagues.
Schedules for both are published at the event website.

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